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Aim High!, Inc. Internet Services

Let's be frank - just about anybody can create a World Wide Web page these days. Elementary schools students are putting together simple web sites, products like Adobe PageMill are bringing the ease of desktop publishing to Web page design, and corporate and personal Web pages are proliferating at a phenomenal rate. But what does it take to do REAL work using the Internet? Simple - it takes solid networking skills and the ability to integrate World Wide Web pages into existing information systems.

Aim High!, Inc. can provide all the tools to let you do REAL work on the Internet!

Networking Services

Aim High!, Inc. can develop a high speed network for existing standalone personal computers, or adapt your existing network to integrate seamlessly with the Internet.

Aim High! will make the necessary connections from your business to the Internet through our networking center in Golden, Colorado. We make it easy for your company to connect to the Internet by using simple, time-tested means to automatically provide a secure connection to our servers. We have a number of servers on-site which can be used to host your Web site, run databases, or collect and send e-mail. Want your own domain name? Aim High!® will do all the work necessary to establish your company's unique identity on the vast universe of the Internet.

Electronic mail systems can be installed for your company, making it easy to send text and documents down the hall or around the world. Tied into your World Wide Web site, electronic mail systems provide the means for potential and existing customers to send in orders, request product information, or give you feedback on existing services or products.

CGI Services

CGI, or Common Gateway Interface, can be used to link World Wide Web forms to existing applications or new systems. CGI programming, however, is rather complex! That is where Aim High!®, Inc. can help by providing the expertise necessary to intertwine the World Wide Web and your business applications.

The possibilities of CGI are overwhelming! Here are just a few examples of how your business could use Aim High!® CGI Services:

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