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Aim High!, Inc. Associations

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Aim High!, Inc. is an Authorized Apple Value Added Reseller. To become an Apple VAR a company must show a high level of expertise in one of fifteen different vertical markets. The VAR must show certificates of accomplishment from manufacturers of products in the selected area. VARs must provide Apple with client recommendations that show a long term commitment to the vertical area.

Aim High!, Inc.'s vertical market is in Communications for Public Relations, Electronic DeskTop Publishing, pre-press and Advertising. Our certifications come from Adobe and Quark.

Aim High!, Inc. is a member of The Golden Chamber of Commerce.

Vince has used Macintosh computers since 1984 (used the 8th one in the Denver Market in January of 1984). He has worked with electronic computing devices from pocket calculators to IBM mainframes since 1972. He began programming on an HP2000C prime mainframe computer in 1975 and purchased his first Apple PC in 1980.

From 1981 to 1985 he was the in-house computer support person for ComputerLand.

From 1985 to 1987 he was a production Engineer at TV-22 an independent UHF channel in Seattle where he worked integrating PC and video production equipment.

From 1987 to 1989 he was the in-house and customer support specialist for the only DeskTop Publishing sales force in the Rocky Mountain Region. He configured equipment for, trained and supported 8 sales people and over 200 clients during this time.

In 1989 he was hired by Public Service Company (now Xel Energy) to create a Macintosh support group in the company's IS department. His first project was the design of an integrated Macintosh network for the Corporate Communications department. This included all functions of marketing, public relations and publishing. This included integration of the Macintosh network into a high end film output device for book quality (2500 lpi+) output.

Vince's other associations have included:

Member Governor's Small Business Council. This council oversees the Small Business Development Centers throughout Colorado and provides an forum for Small Business concerns to be passed directly to the Governor.

Technical Advisor to the Colorado Governor's Information Reform Committee. The group was an advisory committee to the Colorado Office of Regulator Reform that has been assigned the task of decreasing work loads in the office while increasing customer access to the information the office has.

Chairman Small Business Committee for the TAC 14. The TAC (Telecommunications Advisory Committee) 14 was a coalition of government, education, business and private citizen representatives that are writing the Colorado guidelines for compliance with the Federal Regulations pertaining to creation and support of the Information Super Highway which Vice-President Al Gore is spearheading.

Member Colorado Inside Out program. This task force was working to eliminate the boom/bust cycle in the Colorado economy by promoting state policies to even out the business base in Colorado. One of our focus areas is the High Technology Sector.


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