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Technology is expensive. Despite the fact that technological advances continue to drive the cost of computers and other computer oriented devices down, they are still one of the major costs you will incur in business today.

The other major cost is labor. This is a recurring cost, any money that you put into labor is "lost."

Both computers and labor can be deducted as Operating Costs from taxes. Though, only computers and other hardware will have a recoverable cost (albeit small) should you need to raise extra capital down the road. That makes, at least on the surface, computers a better investment than additional human resources.

However, computers lose a tremendous amount of their value once they are purchased. It can take years for the time savings in using a computer to cover what you pay for it new.

At Aim High!®, Inc. we are very aware of the balancing act that must go on between human resources and computer resources. An underpowered computer system will frustrate and demotivate a worker and can even end up costing more in lost productive time than not having a computer at all. On the other hand, an overpowered system can be costly, especially in after purchase costs. The more advanced systems, with multiple peripherals, can require excessive amounts of training and again, waste valuable human resources, time and increased support time from outside contractors.

Our goal at Aim High!®, Inc. is to balance your human and computer resources to optimize your business. We strive to recommend a system that will be inexpensive and simple enough to be easy and quick to learn and use. A system powerful enough to do all you need to do today and expandable for the needs of tomorrow. A follow up program of support and training will keep your people fully in tune with the changing industry so that they can optimize their time. Finally, a system that will require a minimum of maintenance in the years to come.

What our clients say:

Our clients are our most important asset, and we intend to keep it that way. Here are what some of our clients have to say about our services:

"I feel especially grateful to have your company on hand, as a small business person...having your firm available on a moments notice is like having someone on staff.

...your knowledge and ready availability have saved me from disaster on many occasions. Put me in the "totally satisfied customer" column."

Robert T. Person, Jr.
Robert Person Communications


"Aim High! does System Analysis as it should be done."

Robert Olsen


What is Aim High!®, Inc.?

Aim High!®, Inc. was created by Vincent Hamm in August of 1989. He had just left employment with Herman Axelrod of ComputerWorks to act as Public Service Companies' in-house Macintosh Systems Engineer. Some of his former clients were calling him to request further assistance. After consulting with Mr. Axelrod, and since service has always been important to Vince, he began to help out with these requests.

In adhering to Tom Peters' tenets of customer service, Vince soon found that he could not be all things to all people. He began to build a network of computer and business oriented sub-contractors to provide the services his growing clientele required.

When you work with Aim High!®, Inc. all of these services are yours. Below is a partial list of Aim High!®, Inc. sub-contractors and services available.

Cabling and Network Engineering Services - Used to install internal cabling to enhance and simplify your network.

SanSoft - Technical and design assistance for communication and information systems.

InterActive Dynamics - Non-computer facilitation services for all types of business situations.

Aim High!®, Inc. Services

Aim High!®, Inc. provides the following services:


The procedures for providing these services are:

1. A client meeting. This meeting will include talking with each member of the staff or unit to determine their needs and function. Some Systems Analysis will take place during this step, mostly to elicit feedback from the client to confirm Aim High!®, Inc.'s basic understanding of the client's needs.


2. Presentation of a written proposal including:

a. The full Systems Analysis
b. Various System Designs (including any programming needs) and component level (piece by piece hardware) configurations.
c. A timetable for:

d. Support packages
e. Recommendations on the best options listed above to meet the requirements outlined in the Systems Analysis.


3. Modifications to the proposal, if required.

4. Implementation of the proposed Information System.

5. Continued follow up on maintaining the productivity of the system, including the comfort level of the people using the system.

The intent of this comprehensive study and implementation program is to meet the Aim High!®, Inc. goal of balancing the Human and Computer Resources of all of our clients.

Aim High!®, Inc. invites you to work with our team to improve your productivity!

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