Aim High!®, Inc. Rates & Contracts

There is no charge for an initial one hour consultation.

Time Charges:
All time is charged in 20 minute intervals.

Phone Support has a minimum 20 minute charge.

On-Site Support has a minimum 3 hour charge.

Emergency Support accrues an initial 1 hour charge, plus applicable phone and site charges. Contract clients are charged an initial 20 minutes for use of this service. The Emergency Support number is available with your contract.

Travel time outside the Denver/Boulder metro area is charged at $45/hour, plus expenses.

Straight time:
Your staff contacts Aim High!®, Inc. and questions are answered or, a time is arranged to have an Aim High!®, Inc. representative come to your offices. Payment is made at the time of service, or, if arrangements have been made billed to you monthly. An accounting of how the time was spent is provided.

All contracts include access to the Aim High!®, Inc. digital paging system for the term of the contract.

Hourly Support Contract:
The Hourly Support Contract is the pre-purchase of a specified number of hours of time from Aim High!®, Inc. for you to use as you need. Your staff can contact Aim High!, Inc. at any time to have your questions answered or arrange a time for an on-site visit. On a regular basis you will be provided with an accounting of used time.

12, 24 , 48+ hour contracts are available. The larger the contract the lower the hourly rate. All Hourly Support Contracts are good for one year or until the time is used.

Maintenance Support Contract:
A Maintenance Support Contract entails having a representative visit your site(s) on a regular basis, for example, every other week, for three hours to do routine maintenance on your system and to allow your people regular access to a systems professional. On a regular basis you will be provided with an accounting of what work was accomplished. You can still contact Aim High!®, Inc. for phone troubleshooting and on-site meetings outside of the regularly scheduled time. Work required above and beyond the regularly scheduled time will be charged monthly at the contract rate , up to one and a half times the number of hours originally contracted for. Time beyond that is billed at the contract rate + 25%. 3, 6, and 12 month contracts are available and you must use a minimum of 6 hours/month. The longer the time period of the contract, the lower the hourly rate.

Prepayment is required for Hourly Support and Maintenance Support Contracts. We are able to provide lower rates through prepayment since, like any other business, we are able to immediately put this money to work for our business to increase our profits. Under both an Hourly Support Contract and a Maintenance Support Contract you will receive a lower hourly rate, priority service, access to the Aim High!®, Inc. digital paging system and the benefit of an in-house computer person.

Remote Support:
In addition to on-site and phone support, Aim High!®, Inc. offers network support over telephone modems. Clients are required to purchase a modem and some software. Aim High!®, Inc. can then help your staff at anytime, almost anywhere in the world. This option cuts down on our vehicle usage and supports Aim High!®, Inc.'s commitment to protecting our environment. Clients who implement this support package receive a 5% discount on any support packages.

EFFECTIVE January 1, 1996

Aim High!®, Inc. offers a one hour, no charge, no obligation meeting with your staff to discuss your concerns.

For more information on Aim High!, Inc. Contract and Rates contact us by E-Mail or call (303)271-1288 or (800)323-1488.

Travel time outside of the Denver/Boulder Metro area is charged at $45/hour plus expenses.

Requests for specific Aim High!®, Inc. personnel are subject to a 15% additional charge.

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