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DSL Services

Click here to request a line check to see if DSL is available in your area.

At this time we are only providing routed, dedicated DSL for our customers. This service is always on and requires an external router (provided for $99, at this time.) This service runs $30 per month for each 256Kbit of bandwidth (speed) you want. 256Kbits allows you to run on the internet at about 8 to 9 times faster than a 28.8 modem dial up.

This does NOT include installation, the cost from your local phone company to update your line nor the monthly cost of the upgraded line.

We recommend having one of our technicians configure the router you will receive. One of our technicians will come to your business or home and configure the modem/router for $100. We will ask you to take the router out of the box you receive and hook up the cables. This will allow us to tell when your phone company has updated your line. Instructions are provide to hook up the modem/router.

The charge to update your phone line is $69, this is a one time charge.

The monthly cost of the line varies, depending on the speed of service you would like. Keep in mind that these prices will be the TOTAL cost including your current phone line. For example, for 256KB of bandwidth the monthly cost is $29.95, if you are currently paying $14 for your phone line, this is an addtional cost of $15.95. These line costs are subject to change, but as of June, 2000 the monthly line costs are: 256K - $29.95; 512K - $69; 768K - $80; 1Mb - $125.

Another gotcha':

You can only place one extended service on a phone line. DSL is considered an extended service, so is custom ringing. That means you can ONLY put one or the other on your phone line. Voice mail or call forwarding are NOT considered extended services. So, you could have DSL and voice mail together.

If you have further questions about DSL, please call or send us an e-mail with your questions.

Click here to request a line check to see if DSL is available in your area.

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